Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2 Deployable Firmware and Driver Packs Now Available

Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2 Deployable Firmware and Driver Packs Now Available

In Surface Firmware Update Fracas, Paul outlined the woes experienced and felt around the recent on-again, off-again Surface firmware releases. Customers have recently been handed a very confusing mix of updates and patches for the Surface devices. Paul tries to clear all that up here: Microsoft Surface Firmware Updates for January 2014 (Take 2).

For the most part, these are all consumer issues, though, right? I mean, as IT Pros we would never allow our end-users to install patches and updates outside of our protective Enterprise circle, right? Isn't it great that we can rely on consumers to be the beta ground for all of us?

With that logic firmly in mind, Microsoft has just released the deployment versions of the January 2014 Surface updates. Normally, these release a bit quicker, but thanks to our consumer guinea pigs, Microsoft waited to release them until all the issues had been ironed out.

The firmware and driver packs available today are for the Surface Pro and the Surface Pro 2 and here's where you can get them:

Surface Pro 2 firmware and driver pack (compatible with Windows 8.1 (Pro and Enterprise)

Surface Pro firmware and driver pack (compatible with Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, Pro and Enterprise)

Deployable firmware and driver packs enable Enterprise customers to deploy the updates according to patching policies and also to construct computer images for building new Surface hardware according to business-specific specifications.

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