Surface Pro 3 Shipping Early, Shipping Today

Surface Pro 3 Shipping Early, Shipping Today

The supersized, version 3 of Microsoft's Surface Pro devices was originally reported to ship on the same day they would be available to pick up in the Microsoft retail stores. But, new reports are starting to filter in that those who ordered Surface Pro 3's online extra early are getting an email surprise.

The email confirms today as the shipping date for the Surface Pro 3's, which means, for many, the devices will be in their hands or on their doorstep at the same time they are available in the retail locations (June 20).

I wondered about this as it sort of made ordering online seem valueless because the online orders wouldn't arrive until after the retail store units had already "surfaced" (pun intended). For those that wanted the Surface Pro 3 quickly, they'd want to buy in-store instead. I just assumed Microsoft's intent was to get more people to visit their local Microsoft stores so they could be enticed to buy Surface accessories or other Microsoft store goodies.

But, like Microsoft has done on so many occasions recently, the company is delivering early on its promises. Under-promise and over-deliver.

Still, there's much to be had by visiting one of the retail locations anyway. All stores across the U.S. and Canada will be hosting family-friendly launch day parties, with hopes that some of those retail shelf add-ons will find new homes.

If you ordered online early and haven't received your shipping confirmation email yet, just hold on a bit. It should show up shortly.

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