Surface Pro 3 In Hand? Next Step: Download the User Guides

Surface Pro 3 In Hand? Next Step: Download the User Guides

If you're one of the souls brave enough to grab a Surface Pro 3 from a Microsoft retail store on Day 0, you might want to take the effort to download the available device guides to ensure your weekend is as safe, fun, and productive as possible.

The Full guide is 108 pages and covers everything you ever want to know about the Surface Pro 3. Setup, apps, pen, personalization, networking are all covered. Each topic is covered in depth.

Full (PDF): Surface Pro 3 User Guide With Windows 8.1 Pro

The Quick Start guide is only 16 pages, and covers just the basics of the device itself such as using the kickstand and the pen. Each topic is given a single page or less.

Quick (PDF): Surface Pro 3 Quick Start Guide

If you're having any other issues, feel free to drop me a note on Twitter and I'll try to help:  @rodtrent

With all the hubbub leading up to today's launch, I know there will be folks bringing the Surface Pro 3 home who have no true idea what they just bought, as evidenced already in the Surface Pro 3 forums on Microsoft's site:

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