Surface Pro 2 Exits this Mortal Coil

Surface Pro 2 Exits this Mortal Coil


The original Surface Pro was revolutionary from a technology standpoint, though it didn't fare that well in sales for Microsoft. But, on the way to a better, most improved award for the Surface Pro 3, Microsoft took a small step in releasing the Surface Pro 2.

The Surface Pro 2 offered a dual-position kickstand and improved battery life, but still bore the bulk and thickness of its older sibling, the Surface Pro. So, it might not come as a surprise, given the popularity the Surface Pro 3 has gained, that the Surface Pro 2 has now been put out to pasture.

I was clicking around on Microsoft's Surface website the other day (like I do periodically – hey, you need to make your own fun sometimes) and noticed that pages to the Surface Pro 2 were still live, but that when I clicked the Buy Now button, I was taken to a page that professed that "This product is currently unavailable."

In fact, it's still like that today.

I made the declaration on Twitter and Brad Sams at Neowin went the extra mile and solicited the online sales rep for Surface. The rep told Brad that the Surface Pro 2 is no longer for sale on the Microsoft Surface web site.

Surface Pro 2's are still in limited supply, but only at places like Staples and Best Buy. And, of course, you can find them on Once stock runs out, that's probably it. I'm not too sad about it. I skipped the second generation of Surface tablets. Sure, it touted longer battery life, but I opted to stick with the original Surface Pro and tack on the Battery Cover to improve my operating time. I made a conscious decision to skip Surface generations and unless the Surface Pro 4 is a monumental, can't-live-without-it improvement over the Surface Pro 3, I'll do the same when that time comes.

With the clear improvements provided in the Surface Pro 3, why would you want a Surface Pro 2? I'm sure there are reasons with price probably the biggest driver, but, a Surface Pro 3 is only $100 more in most cases.

So exits a generation of Microsoft Surface. Fare thee well, I hardly knew ye.

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