Surface Hub App for Windows 8.1 Brings Pen Customizations, Could Bring More

Surface Hub App for Windows 8.1 Brings Pen Customizations, Could Bring More

Over the weekend, Microsoft released an app to the Windows Store that brings customizations for the Surface Pro 3 pen.

In preparation for this new app, Microsoft released an out-of-band update last week that updated the Surface Pen driver to version 2.0.1145.0. At the time of the driver update, some suggested that a new Control Panel app was on the way, but Microsoft sort of squashed part of that rumor and instead released a full-fledged Windows 8.1 modern app.

The app's name, Surface Hub, seems to suggest that the app could do more, but right now it's only designed to interact with the Surface Pen. Based on the app's encompassing name, I expect it to be updated with more features in the future for general Surface Pro 3 customizations.

Here's what the app does now…

Pressure Sensitivity: You can adjust the pen pressure sensitivity using a slider bar and then testing the configuration inside the app.

Pen Top Button: With this customization you can change which version of OneNote (desktop or modern) opens when you tap the Surface Pro 3's pen top button.

Feedback: Included in the Surface Hub app is a form to supply feedback. Currently, the feedback has been tailored by Microsoft, providing an initial question concerning your personal recommendation. Once you answer that question and close the app, another pops-up in its place.

Surface Device Information: The last option available in the Surface Hub app is a page that provides a support link ( and information about your Surface Pro 3 that is required should you need to contact Surface support. The information provided is: Name, Screen Resolution, Serial Number, and SKU.

You can get the app in the Windows Store (requires installing last week's pen driver update first) by searching the store for 'Surface Hub,' or by using the following link:

Surface Hub in the Windows Store

Note that the app is only designed to be used with the Surface Pro 3. It is not designed to work with earlier versions of Surface Pro tablets.


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