Surface Firmware Gets New Naming Conventions This Month

Surface Firmware Gets New Naming Conventions This Month

This may not sound like much of a change, but for those tasked with deploying new images or image refreshes across the landscape of the Enterprise, it matters a lot. Additionally, I know some IT Pros have developed scripts to download, integrated, and deploy the new firmware images, but those script tasked are based on the old naming scheme.

Starting this month, Microsoft is giving its Surface device firmware a new naming structure. Here’s the new structure:


Here’s how this will look:

  • For Surface 3:
  • For Surface 3 LTE – Verizon:
  • For Surface 3 LTE – ATT:
  • For Surface 3 LTE - North America Carrier Unlocked:
  • For Surface 3 LTE - Outside of North America and Y!mobile in Japan:
  • For Surface Pro 3:
  • For Surface Pro 4:
  • For Surface Book:

EXTRA: Permanent firmware download pages…

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