Surface App enterprise image update adds support for Surface 3

Surface App enterprise image update adds support for Surface 3

If your organization has started to deploy Surface Pro 3 devices or might be considering the upcoming Surface 3 units then you may want to consider including the Surface app in that devices image for its customization and user education elements.

The app, which has previously only supported Surface Pro 3, has been updated to support Surface 3 which is due to become publicly available next month.

This app allows you to customize pressure sensitivity and pen button defaults for the Surface Pen and includes an extensive library of information about Windows 8.1 and Surface for user education.

Surface App Pen Settings

Surface App User Education

It also gives you quick glance info about your Surface device including serial number and version info for system drivers.

Surface App Info Page

If your Surface deployment image already contains this app then you will want to include this update so it is current.

Download Surface App Image from Microsoft Download Center

Download Surface App from Windows Store

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