Spiceworks launches Connectivity Dashboard to help locate the problem

Spiceworks launches Connectivity Dashboard to help locate the problem

Internet issues? Network problem? With new dashboard, outages can run but it can't hide

At SpiceWorld London today, SpiceWorks unveiled their newest offering in the war on IT problems: A free Connectivity Dashboard that tracks outages across your infrastructure and cloud services to help pinpoint the source of the problem.

“IT professionals spend approximately half their time troubleshooting technology issues with hardware, applications, and operating systems,” said Tabrez Syed, vice president of Products at Spiceworks, in a statement. “The tool helps IT professionals make a bigger impact on their organization by giving them an extremely coveted and often scarce resource in their world – time.”

As business environments become increasingly complicated, mixing local and wide area networks, cloud services, remote users, and more, pinpointing the source of problems has become an increasingly challenging task, even after users start reporting the problem.

The new dashboard could save IT professionals from having to check around on a variety of third-party services to spot trouble spots more quickly.

SpiceWorks also unveiled a new mobile app and newsfeed, which users can register for beta access to.

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