Some Surface Pro 3 Wi-Fi Issues to be Fixed Tomorrow

Some Surface Pro 3 Wi-Fi Issues to be Fixed Tomorrow

I noted in a recent article announcing July's Surface updates that Microsoft was planning another update just for the Wi-Fi issues experienced by owners of Microsoft's new Surface Pro 3 devices. At that time, Microsoft posed July 16, 2014 as the scheduled date for the release, and based on a post to the Microsoft forums, the company plans to keep the promised schedule.

In the post, some specific Wi-Fi issues for the Surface Pro 3's that have been confirmed and detailed, but also suggests that not all of the experienced problems will be fixed with this update release. Here's how it goes:

On Wednesday, July 16, we will issue our second July update for Surface Pro 3 Wi-Fi. Collectively, these updates address the great majority of customer feedback around Wi-Fi consistency. Specifically, these updates address:

  • Limited Connectivity after exiting Connected Standby

  • Limited Connectivity after exiting Hibernate

  • Limited Connectivity during active use

If you are experiencing Wi-Fi connection inconsistency, we strongly recommend that you download and install this update; we have been using this update and have seen an improved experience. But we are not done. We are still very focused on two remaining areas: 

  • Wi-Fi isn’t available in the Settings charm or under the Connections setting. We are seeing a few reports of Wi-Fi being unavailable, which requires a reboot to resolve.  We don’t have an immediate fix, but we continue to work on this and will have an update as soon as possible.

  • Dropped connections or reduced throughput to certain access points. As mentioned above, the July 16 firmware update will address the majority of Limited Connectivity scenarios. However, there are still fringe scenarios where Limited Connectivity errors are present or network throughput is lower than expected, depending on the network configuration. We anticipate multiple improvements over time.

    • Note: When measuring your network throughput, the most accurate and reliable indicator of network speed is through a third-party speed test like using, not necessarily through the local network speed indicator reported in Network Connections settings.

As stated in the post, the pieces that will not be fixed are those that are considered "fringe" scenarios and only reported by a few customers. Tomorrow's update will seek to fix the pieces affecting the most customers first.

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