SkyDrive to become OneDrive

SkyDrive to become OneDrive

In 2013, Microsoft had to relinquish the name 'SkyDrive' for its Cloud-based consumer storage service, due to a settlement with the British Sky Broadcasting Group over the use of the word "Sky." Silly.

As part of the settlement, Microsoft was given a period of time to transition the service off of the old name and release it under new branding.

People have attempted to guess at what SkyDrive's new name could become. The suggestions have been plentiful. I surmised a while back that, based on Microsoft's intent to promote itself as "One Microsoft," SkyDrive's new name would probably follow suit, eventually becoming "OneDrive."

Well, it looks like I may have been correct in my surmising. Recently, a new Microsoft-owned site has popped-up online that announces the coming of OneDrive, suggests that it is "everything you love about SkyDrive and more," and offers an email notification opportunity to be alerted when OneDrive is officially unveiled.

The main Preview page:

The blog:

Incidentally, the Whois Lookup record shows the registration was updated on January 23, 2014, but was originally created in June of 1998. This either means a) Microsoft has been sitting on this domain for over a decade (unlikely), or b) they just recently purchased it from another owner. If it's an acquisition, one has to wonder how much the lucky recipient was rewarded.

Despite my ability to deduce like a madman (which I should be proud of, don't you think?), I do like the name. I think its quite fitting. Let's hope there's not a bridge troll out there somewhere asking for payment for the word "One" for passage.

UPDATE: Microsoft has now made the announcement official through their very first blog post on the new site: OneDrive for Everything in Your Life


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