Skydera addresses developer self-service

Platform-as-a-service provider Skydera has released its Skydera C3 Developer Edition, a cross-cloud platform designed to help cloud developers build apps in multiple hosting ecosystems.

“C3 serves as an alternative to the management consoles of specific hosting providers,” said Lecole Cole, founder and CEO of Skydera. “It automates many of the functions that previously needed hands-on IT support.”

Skydera C3 is designed to facilitate developer self-service, letting enterprises and software developers build, deploy and manage the end-to-end lifecycle of cloud applications through one dashboard and self-service portal—providing scalability and flexibility and helping address the risk of vendor lock-in.

“Developers do not want to be locked in to any specific hosting ecosystem, and want the widest choice in development options and price,” Cole said. “C3 solves that problem and makes seamless migration between cloud providers easy. It’s designed for the evolution of the cloud landscape, in which cross-cloud development is a business necessity. It also enables easy cost estimates of various cloud environments.”

The new edition of the platform is being offered as a free trial for developers building apps in the Amazon, Rackspace and GoGrid ecosystems, as well as supporting OpenStack and Eucalyptus. Future versions of the platform will add more hosting providers, more automated support and an app store of available add-ins, according to the company.


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