SAP, Dell broaden cloud partnership

SAP and Dell have announced that they are expanding an existing link-up on cloud and database offerings, making SAP applications available via a new Dell datacenter platform and equipping new Dell hardware to run SAP services.

Under the deal, Dell’s VIS Next Generation Datacenter Platform will now support SAP apps, and the Dell PowerEdge R910 is now certified to fun SAP In-Memory Computing technology. Both moves are designed to boost the speed with which enterprises using Dell platforms can access SAP applications, the companies said.

Dell is also now an SAP-certified provider of cloud services, as well as an SAP-certified provider of hosting services, as a result of the expansion.

The two companies cited the University of Kentucky as an example of a major enterprise operation that is testing a proof-of-concept rollout of SAP applications on a Dell cloud architecture, saying the institution improved both flexibility of its offerings and cost-effectiveness of its overall infrastructure.

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