Resource: The Microsoft Surface Business Site

Resource: The Microsoft Surface Business Site

More and more, lately, I'm seeing the Microsoft Surface Pro being deployed in organizations, particularly using System Center Configuration Manager 2012. There have been several threads on the ConfigMgr email list, recently, where admins are asking about how to customize and deploy corporate images to Surface Pros. This is great. I've mentioned several times here on Windows IT Pro that the Surface Pro is a great laptop replacement. In fact, I don't travel with a laptop any longer. I gave up toting around a laptop for a Surface Pro several months ago.

There are many resources for Surface tablets out there, but they are primarily resources for consumer-oriented computing. Of course, our sister site, myITforum, has a community section dedicated to the Microsoft Surface HERE, but last week I was made aware of an online resource that Microsoft has put together for businesses.

The site is for both RT and Pro, but really – the RT version, in my opinion, is not adequate for a standard business. The RT might make sense in specific situations but truly its best use is as a consumer device.

Microsoft's online resource provides links to firmware and drivers, update history, Microsoft support, community support locations, and other things. If you are supporting Surface tablets in your organization, you'll want to bookmark this site.

The link:  Microsoft Surface Support for Business


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