Resource: Improved Threat Detection using Microsoft Cloud App Security

Resource: Improved Threat Detection using Microsoft Cloud App Security

As more apps and functionality head to the cloud, it is the cloud that will provide increased protection against various security threats that can impact your company.

If you are already invested in the Microsoft cloud ecosystem then one option you may want to consider is their Cloud App Security Software as a Service (SaaS) subscription.

Some of the features you get with Cloud App Security is the discovery of what cloud apps are in use on your network and also see what Shadow IT might be happening on your systems. You can then decided how your cloud environment will work with your companies data and then establish policies for sharing that data and prevented its loss or unauthorized access.

Microsoft's Cloud App Security also helps you identify risky usage and any security issues related to the cloud apps in use on your systems. It will also keep an eye out for strange user behaviors and cut off threats.

There are several resources to learn more about Cloud App Security from Microsoft so you can consider implementing it in your own organizations:

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