Q. I installed the Microsoft iSCSI Target but clients can't connect, even though I've created iSCSI Targets on the installation. What's wrong?

A. When you create an iSCSI Target with the Microsoft iSCSI Target software, you create devices and assign them to an iSCSI Target, as shown here.


The problem is that you need to tell the target which clients are allowed to connect—which by default is no one. Select the properties of the iSCSI target and, under the iSCSI Initiators tab, click Add and select the IQNs of the clients who are allowed to connect. The IQNs of clients that have tried to connect in the past will be displayed, or you can manually type the IQN of the allowed clients. The clients should now be able to connect.


If you're unsure of the IQN of an iSCSI Initiator (the client), launch the iSCSI Initiator Administrator Tool application on the client. Under the Configuration tab, its IQN is shown.


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