Original Surface Pro Line Gets a $100 Price Cut

Original Surface Pro Line Gets a $100 Price Cut

Both in-store and online, the original release of Microsoft's Surface Pro is now $100 cheaper thanks to a promotion running until December 31, 2013.

This puts the Surface Pro at a price point a little closer within range of what most buyers might accept, and might be inclined to acquire for those geeky loved-ones for the Christmas holiday.

The new prices are as follows:

·         Surface Pro 64GB: $699

·         Surface Pro 128GB: $799

·         Surface Pro 256GB: $999

The deal includes a month free trial of Office 365, but does not include a keyboard cover. That's interesting. The Surface Pro is promoted as more of a business device than a consumer device, so throwing in a month of Office 365 make sense. However, Microsoft has yet to release a touch-friendly version of their Office suite, so a keyboard is a must if Microsoft wants buyers to have a fully favorable experience. Of course, the Surface Pro comes with the pen, but to be honest, as a Surface Pro owner myself, I rarely use the thing. It's not that useful.

Order online here: Surface Pro

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