OneNote Gains Some Robust New Features Microsoft

OneNote Gains Some Robust New Features

A series of updates to OneNote recognizes that most people's information repositories are not merely text and/or images, but can contain all sorts of media. Here are the newest features:

Users can paste a video link into their OneNote note, and they'll see a thumbnail of that video and have the option to play it. This will work in OneNote for Windows 10, Mac or iOS, and users can paste video links from YouTube, Vimeo, Vine and Sway.

In OneNote for Windows, users will be able to sign in using their Office 365 organization ID.

In OneNote for the Windows Phone, users can now speak their notes, as there's a new audio recording feature.

In OneNote for iOS, users can rearrange audio recordings, images, text and shapes by touching and dragging. They can also use a newly-debuted lasso tool to select items for grouping and rearranging. Finally, they now have the ability to insert multiple photos on a page at once.

In OneNote Online, users will be able to use Bing for Smart Lookup -- i.e. they'll be able to find related notes by selecting a note's contents and selecting an option in the right-click menu. The ability to find related items -- and act on them accordingly -- will be huge for people who are compiling and acting on research.

And for academic users, they'll have the ability to sort their stacks of notebooks by "your personal notebooks, notebooks that others have shared with you and OneNote Class Notebooks you belong to."

You can read the full text of the OneNote team's announcement here.

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