OneDrive Replaces SkyDrive Overnight, Adds Nominal New Features

OneDrive Replaces SkyDrive Overnight, Adds Nominal New Features

Overnight, current users of SkyDrive and those that signed-up to be alerted when Microsoft's online storage service officially rebranded, received a complimentary email letting them know that the switch was on. I received my email about 3am EST.

As part of the lead-up to the rebranding, Microsoft suggested that new features would be coming to a fully reloaded service. OneDrive retains the same feature set of SkyDrive, but adds a few more features. The way it was promoted, though, I expected more.

However, here's what's new (besides the new name):

  • Automatic camera backup for Android.
  • Share and view videos as easily as photos.
  • Storage earning: Refer friends and receive up to 5GB more storage space. Enable the camera backup feature and immediately get another 3GB.
  • Monthly subscription plan for those who want to purchase more space.

OneDrive is available for Windows, Windows Phone, Office, Xbox, iOS (iPhone and iPad), Mac, and Android (phone and tablet).

To help celebrate the launch, Microsoft is giving 100,000 people 100GB of free storage for 1 year. To take part, you have to monitor the @OneDrive Twitter account for details.



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