Office Lens - A Mobile Scanner in your Pocket


Microsoft's Office Lens app, which is available across all of the major platforms, is the easiest way to digitize all of those documents and whiteboards that are part of the daily meetings we all are require to participate in.

Gone are the days of making furious notes as the meeting progresses and trying to keep up while still digesting the information that is being discussed and shared.

Of course, you no longer have to go back to your office and transcribe the notes into your favorite word processing program either because of the capabilities that come with Office Lens from Microsoft.

As mentioned earlier, Office Lens is available on iOS and Android plus a recent update to the version for Windows converted the app over to a full Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app to make it available for devices running Windows 10 on any screen size including HoloLens, PCs and Mobile devices.

Office Lens will convert the data images you capture with it to your choice of PDF, Word and PowerPoint files plus you can store those images in OneNote or on OneDrive.

Any image captured with Office Lens is searchable using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) so that you can find the content later through document/image searches.

Since the top three mobile platforms have their own release of Office Lens there is no reason for whiteboards, notes and documents from our meetings to be left in the physical world.


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