News from the Future: The Next President Might Live Forever Getty Images

News from the Future: The Next President Might Live Forever

Why a Transhumanist is Running for President

Zoltan Istvan likes to travel in style: he’s a Transhumanist riding across the country in a bus shaped like a coffin, who believes death is a quirk of nature that we don’t need to accept. Word. Stick it to the reaper!

Istvan also believes that the US is not investing enough money in anti-aging research, and has decided to run for president on the “vote for me and live forever ticket.” [His actual words] When he’s out on the campaign trail, informing taxpayers how their dollars could be used to preserve themselves forever, he’s also joining the biohacking community and attending Grindfest, where biohackers and citizen scientists meet and experiment on their own bodies.

Who wouldn’t want to vote for this guy for president? Or at least hop on his sweet ride?


Yellowstone Has Roads Made From Tires

The roads around Old Faithful are now made out of recycled tires. Why?, you ask. According to Popular Science:

“Rubber trails like this are already popular options on playgrounds and in parks as they tend to last longer, and provide more protection from falls than other, harder surfaces.”

With pathways made from rubber tires, the new surface won’t leach oil into the ground and will help prevent erosion. Finally, a manmade device that helps to conserve nature!


How the rise of the robots begins: with feats of strength

This thing looks like a Tonka toy, moves like a forklift, and can carry 1.7 tons. So what? So that's the most weight a robot has ever lifted -- and it means that now, the robots have the capability to scoop up and carry around 24 people without springing a gear.

The M-2000iA/1700L robot (okay, can someone please speak to their naming department, please and thank you!) on six different axis, has a high level of precision and can perform simple and complex tasks.

The Telegraph says:

The M-2000iA/1700L automates areas of heavy material handling, lowering the risk of damage to production material, reducing running costs, and improving overall cycle times and workflow.

The robot will help automobile manufacturers automate tasks and do all the heavy lifting. It will also lower the risk of damage to production material and improve overall workflow. Hooray for efficiency

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