New Products: Attunity, Idera, and expressor software

Attunity Replicate Supports Microsoft SQL Azure

Attunity announced that its data-replication software, Attunity Replicate, now supports loading data to Microsoft SQL Azure. With Attunity Replicate, organizations can now leverage the Windows Azure platform through data replication to help accelerate cloud adoption, reduce risks, and derive value in building hybrid solutions where data exists in the data center and the cloud.

Attunity Replicate enables frequent loading of data from different database systems, including Oracle and SQL Server, into Microsoft SQL Azure. Attunity Replicate automates the loading process into SQL Azure, beginning with the generation of target tables in the cloud, loading the data, and following with incremental updates. In addition, Attunity Replicate simplifies the user experience with its ”click-2-replicate” design that lets users replicate data with a single mouse click. The data-replication software is also optimized for loading data from on-premises databases to SQL Azure databases.

Click here for more information about Attunity Replicate.

Idera Releases SQL Diagnostic Manager 7.0

Idera has announced the release of its performance monitoring and diagnostics solution, SQL diagnostic manager 7.0. The new version lets DBAs resolve problems using a desktop console and mobile devices. Supported mobile devices include iPhone, iPad, Android, and BlackBerry.

SQL diagnostic manager displays real-time information and provides a historical view of SQL Server performance dashboards. The diagnostic tool also provides DBAs with a detailed view of the SQL Server environment and gives users the ability to perform actions, including killing sessions and running queries. New to SQL diagnostic manager 7.0 is the Idera Newsfeed. The Newsfeed is similar to a social media news feed. For example, DBAs can ”follow” servers and can communicate easily to share knowledge, offer best practices, identify solutions to problems, and monitor progress of problem-resolution activities.

Pricing for Idera’s SQL diagnostic manager 7.0 begins at $2,049 per SQL Server instance. Click here for more information and to purchase SQL diagnostic manager.


expressor software Releases expressor 3.4

expressor software has released its data-integration platform, expressor 3.4, which has received enhancements to support data migration and data warehousing, dataflow usability, and deployment. New usability features include a new Rules Editor that lets users develop business rules that are defined independent of specific input and output data. A new attribute propagation capability helps simplify the data-mapping process by automatically managing the flow of data through any expressor transformation operator.

expressor 3.4 data warehousing and migration enhancements include the following:

  • Lookup tables let users use lookup rules within an expressor workflow to find data records.
  • New transpose operators let users transpose one input record to many output records and vice versa through its UI.
  • New operational variable capabilities help store and reuse operational data from one run of an expressor dataflow to the next.
  • An enhanced multi-condition filter operator lets users utilize more than one filter condition to filter their data.

expressor 3.4 is available in three editions: the Community Edition, Desktop Edition, and Standard Edition. Pricing for the Desktop Edition begins at $2,500, and pricing for the Standard Edition begins at $7,500. You can download the Community Editor of expressor 3.4 at the company's website.    

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