Microsoft Updates People Feature in Outlook for iOS and Android

Microsoft Updates People Feature in Outlook for iOS and Android

Since I made the move to Android last year, I am currently using the Samsung Galaxy S8 after putting an LG Nexus 5X through its paces, I have been using the Outlook app for Android.

I choose to use it for all of my email on the handset instead of the default/built-in mail app because it is a much easier in my opinion to navigate and gives me access to all of my accounts - even Gmail.

However, the management of your contacts via the mobile app was non-existent and had to be accomplished via the web or on your desktop e-mail client - for me that is Outlook.

Updates to the Outlook app for iOS that are now available, Android will get them soon according to Microsoft, now enable that capability from your handset.

Outlook App on iOS

Outlook on iOS (Image via Microsoft)

Outlook on Android (Image via Microsoft)

This update allows you to edit contacts from both your and Office 365 accounts with a future update enabling that same ability for your Google contacts.

The key features with this update include:

-- Add Contact
-- Edit Contact
-- View Contact Details
-- Save Contacts to Your Device

I guess Microsoft is tired of waiting for Google to build the bridge between their services and Microsoft's apps so the eventual update to edit your Google Contacts will join the new Focused Inbox feature that Microsoft added a few weeks ago for Google accounts.


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