Microsoft Surface Cleared for U.S. Government Use

Microsoft Surface Cleared for U.S. Government Use

It took Microsoft three tries, but its Surface tablets seem to be catching fire – in the good way.

In the latest quarterly report, revenue from the Microsoft Surface is finally showing acceptance in the industry, with sales beginning to eke out profits. Prior to the Surface Pro 3 release, the industry complained about distribution anomalies, and clearly Microsoft had no real plan. But, all along, it seems, the company was hard at work developing a recipe for success. Surface sales remain steady worldwide and stocking levels are constant to meet demand.

To further improve distribution, Microsoft today has announced new plans for making Surface Pro 3 tablets available to U.S. government agencies as part of the federal procurement blueprint, the General Services Administration (GSA) Schedule. Beginning today, Surface Pro 3 tablets are available for direct purchase through a special page. The Surface Pro 3 series has met all GSA criteria.

Additionally, Microsoft is enabling additional resellers to sell Surface Pro 3 to the public sector as part of specific federal procurement requirements. Surface Pro 3 is already available commercially in 28 markets worldwide, and with U.S. government approvals, could mean that additional world governments would be willing to take part soon.

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