Microsoft Releases Out-of-Band Firmware Update for Surface Pro 3

Microsoft Releases Out-of-Band Firmware Update for Surface Pro 3

No, you're eyes aren't deceiving you. Surface Pro 3 customers are getting an additional August update for their devices today.

Rolling out now over Windows Update, "System Firmware Update – 8/19/2014" is intended to add a couple features and make for smoother boot-ups. Specifically, Surface Pro UEFI (v3.9.150.0)…

  • Displays BIOS password
  • Displays Asset Tag information
  • Improves boot times

The Surface Pro 3 already received a firmware update as part of Microsoft's regularly scheduled Patch Tuesday, just a week ago. In fact, all Surface models received updates except for the Surface 2 series. Read about that here:

Surface 2 Series Left Out of August Firmware Updates, All Others Get Updated

Still, a second firmware release in a single month is strange. Given that August is Microsoft's worst month in recent history with botched and recalled patches and major Azure outages, once might consider this out-of-band firmware release to fix something. The update history only suggest new features and boot improvements, but I sort of left waiting for the other shoe to drop. Why couldn't this update wait until the September cycle? Or, is Microsoft somehow letting us know that it's already accelerated release scheduled is being amped-up even further?

Whatever the case, this new firmware release for the Surface Pro 3 comes after Microsoft released its deployable driver packs this morning, meaning this rash update isn't included and will need to be integrated later.

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