Microsoft partners with Obindo to connect Gmail with OneNote and Yammer

Microsoft partners with Obindo to connect Gmail with OneNote and Yammer

This is just another example of Microsoft reaching across the cross platform aisle and making it easy to access information from one platform on a Microsoft program/service.

You can think of Obindo like a re-director for your Gmail account.

Today over on the OneNote blog details of this new partnership were shared and detailed how Gmail users could utilize the Obindo Chrome extension to get files and information from Gmail to OneNote and Yammer.

Obindo routes all your great ideas, thoughts and files, which often get stuck in email to OneNote where you can work with them more easily. Rather than having to continually switch back-and-forth from Gmail to OneNote, you can make sure information is saved to OneNote where it belongs.

Obindo also works with Yammer. If you receive a message in Gmail that you would like to share with others in your organization, just click the Yammer button on the Obindo toolbar. You can use Obindo to share a conversation or set of files with your entire organization or with just a particular Yammer group.

Since I had never heard of Obindo before I decided to go through the setup process so I can experience it and subsequently share that with you here.

Walkthrough/Gallery of the installation of Obindo, connecting and sharing to OneNote

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