Microsoft Offers Battery Life Fix for Surface Pro 3 Images

Microsoft Offers Battery Life Fix for Surface Pro 3 Images

Enterprise customers deploying Surface Pro 3's in the organization have noticed a decrease in overall tablet battery life when delivering corporate images. 

The cause?

The original factory configuration of a Surface Pro 3 is optimized so that the tablet hibernates after four hours of connected standby. But, when images are deployed to the tablet, this functionality is not installed, nor is it configured correctly.

To fix this, Microsoft is offering a two-step process to ensure your images are deployed with the functionality and configured correctly:

  1. Install update 2955769. Release in May 2014, this hotfix provides battery power improvements for Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2.
  2. Run through a series of powercfg commands to configure the option's time-out, trip point, and hibernate values.

The series of powercfg commands is available in the following KB Article: Surface Pro 3 doesn't hibernate after four hours in connected standby

Additionally, Microsoft is providing guidance for incorporating this fix using the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit for deployment through System Center Configuration Manager:  Surface Pro 3 Hibernation Doesn’t Occur on Enterprise Install

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