Microsoft is Committed to the Surface Pro 3, Offers New Business Bundle

Microsoft is Committed to the Surface Pro 3, Offers New Business Bundle

BGR today has an article that suggests that Microsoft is thinking about killing its Surface tablet line. Based on a report from Digitimes (which has been highly inaccurate over the years, btw), the article suggests that it's because of Microsoft's difficulties in the hardware business and blaming a lack of distribution partners, high prices, and losses on the first and second generation tablets.

As if it expecting these articles to roll out, Microsoft today has released a post of its own to prove its commitment to the Surface Pro 3 line. It's a pretty long post and I suggest you read it (Surface Pro 3 is for Business Especially) when you have time to get the full effect, but here's the breakdown…

  • Business customers can invest in Surface infrastructure with confidence. Microsoft is committed to ensuring Surface Pro 3 accessories will be compatible with the next generation of the "Pro" line of Surface.
  • Making it faster and more cost effective for businesses to deploy Surface Pro 3 with a limited time Surface Pro 3 "laptop replacement" bundle that gives businesses up to $150 off a Surface Pro 3, Surface Pro 3 Docking Station and Surface Pro Type Cover when purchased together through an Authorized Device Reseller.
  • Business Customers continue to adopt Surface Pro 3. The Lotus F1 Team has committed to Surface Pro 3, providing another example of a business choosing Surface to replace laptops and tablets in their workplace.
  • Supporting IT professionals with improvements to access, transparency and support, including: online business tools, Microsoft Support for Business and Windows 10 support (once Windows 10 is released).
  • Listening and responding to customer needs. Surface Pro 3 is now ENERGY STAR qualified, something many of our commercial customers value as they participate in environmental pledge programs.

Microsoft ends today's post with…

Businesses can buy with confidence. We are here to stay.

So, there you go. Surface Pro 3 is alive and well.

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