The power Azure soon available in a data center near you Image licensed under CC0 by BalticServers

The power Azure, soon available in a data center near you.

Microsoft announces first Technical Preview of Azure Stack

The ease of Azure without leaving the comfort of your own datacenter

Since it was announced in May, many have been eagerly awaiting the Technical Preview of Azure Stack. The wait is almost over, with Microsoft announcing that the first technical preview will go live Friday, January 29.

Azure Stack essentially gives businesses the ability to have an Azure-compatible technical stack hosted right on premise, whether for security, regulatory, or other reasons.

"Azure and Azure Stack have a standardized architecture, including the same portal, a unified application model, and common DevOps tools," wrote Mike Neil, Microsoft's vice president of Enterprsie Cloud, when announcing the Technical Preview. "The application model is based on Azure Resource Manager, which enables developers to take the same declarative approach to applications, regardless of whether they run on Azure or Azure Stack."

You can expect a boost to the Azure ecosystem now that developers for it can count on a broader market for their work (The Azure GitHub repository that already has hundreds of quick-start templates).


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