Links and Resources: Microsoft’s Server and Cloud Enrollment

Links and Resources: Microsoft’s Server and Cloud Enrollment

Periodically, Microsoft revamps their licensing structure for one reason or another. Most times it's due to customer complaints about being too complicated. Truly, Microsoft licensing schemes have seemed to be the work of a mad scientist. Even Einstein would have had trouble figuring some of them out.

Recently, I reported about a new Server and Cloud Enrollment program for Enterprises (SCE) from Microsoft. Since that announcement, Microsoft has worked to bolster their online resources and communications around the new offering and I've been handed some useful resources and links that I want to share for those interested in taking advantage of this new program, or those just wanting to learn more.

First off, Microsoft has posted some more in depth information on the Microsoft Volume Licensing Blog. The post "Simpler Licensing Options Look to Deliver Customers Better Access to Cloud Technology," steps through some of the benefits of a the program and a new licensing model and how Microsoft's "Cloud First" mentality has played a significant part in the program's development. In the post they offer, what they indicate, the essential elements list for SCE:

  • Best terms, conditions and predictability for SCE products
  • New subscription option available
  • Full Software Assurance benefits for all deployed licenses including new version rights
  • Unlimited Problem Resolution Support for qualifying customers and products
  • 15% discount for new license and Software Assurance purchases
  • 5% discount on Software Assurance renewals
  • Management of Windows Azure resources with System Center is included for CIS commitments  (Some limitations apply)
  • Flexible payment options available through Microsoft Financing in conjunction SCE make it all that more compelling
  • SCE can be purchased at any time, although the expiration of an existing EA or SA commitment is a great time to evaluate whether SCE is the right vehicle for your server and cloud needs.
  • SCE combines and simplifies previously disparate licensing models and terms covered by the former Enrollment for Application Platform (EAP) and the Enrollment for Core Infrastructure (ECI).

Additionally, both the Microsoft Volume Licensing site (for Enterprises) and the Partner Network (offering partner materials such as presentations and datasheets) have now been updated to include information about SCE.

And, what better way to learn about the new program than through a short video.


Additional Resources (these links require being logged in with a Microsoft Partner account)

  • Server and Cloud Enrollment Program Guide– a great new resource that provides more detail on what SCE is and how it works.
  • Account transition tools- Current users can drill down by geography, segment, account team, and renewal timing to profile their upcoming expirations for SCE suitability
    • Application Platform SCE Account Transition Tool – to learn how to use this tool, please watch the following Academy Live session which includes a brief tool demo at the end as well as a deeper dive recorded presentation.
    • Core Infrastructure SCE Account Transition Tool– watch the Academy Live session as well as the deeper dive recorded presentation.
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