IT Pros With Clouds Skills Are Some of Tech's Most Wanted

IT Pros With Clouds Skills Are Some of Tech's Most Wanted

One in five IT decision makers is having trouble cloud-related positions, meaning ample opportunities for those with the rights skills, training, and experience to find a great new job.

This is according to the recently released 2016 IT Skills and Salary Survey, which details salary ranges, opportunities, and challenges for IT professionals across a spectrum of careers.

And cloud experience pays: The survey found that while general IT salaries moved up from \(75,889 to \)76,865 over the past year, the mean average salary for IT professionals in the cloud computing space was $115,826.

Those with some kind of cloud certification were slightly higher, with a mean salary of $119,238.

And that growth seems to be continuing. To take just one example, in 2013, IT professionals with a MCSE Private Cloud certification had a median salary of \(89,149; in the most recent survey, that has moved to \)108,779.

IT decision makers reported that finding experienced professionals with cloud computing expertise was the third most hard-to-fill role, after only IT security and IT architects. For many businesses, finding qualified cloud professionals is key to many of their other IT priorities, giving qualified individuals a lot of leverage.

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