Intel earmarks $30 million for new cloud centers

Intel Labs has launched two new Intel Science and Technology Centers (ISTC) hosted at Carnegie Mellon University that will focus on cloud and embedded computing research.

The company plans to invest $30 million in the new centers over the next five years, part of its $100 million investment university research overall.

In a video on Intel’s website, Kirk Skaugen, VP and general manager of Intel’s data center group.

“Data centers are at the heart of enabling online services to businesses and consumers, but IT’s dealing with significant challenges,” Skaugen said. “Cloud is the next evolution of IT to help address these challenges. For businesses, cloud computing transforms IT service deliver and holds the promise of improving productivity, business agility and—maybe most importantly—lowering costs.”

The center combines researchers from Carnegie Mellon University, Georgia Institute of Technology, University of California Berkeley, Princeton University, and Intel.

“We predict we could accelerate over $100 billion in services and save $25 billion in excess IT spend by 2015,” Skaugen said.

The new facilities are part of Intel’s Cloud 2015 initiative. Intel characterized the effort as a way to facilitate more collaboration between universities and Intel. The company also is inviting academic researchers to submit their ideas to become a funded ISTC in 2012. The company’s ISTCs use open IP models with results publically available through technical publications and open-source software releases. Intel expects to award at least one center before the end of 2011 and subsequently launch in 2012.


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