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Industry Bytes: Nimbula Unveils New Cloud OS

At VMworld 2011 in Las Vegas I meet with Reza Malekzadeh, VP of Marketing and Kuyper Hoffman, Sr. Systems Engineer from Nimula to talk about the new release of Nimbula their cloud operating system. Nimbula was founded two years ago by two former Amazon executives that lead the development of Amazon’s EC2 public cloud service. With Nimbula they built on those EC2 concepts and created a cloud OS technology that delivers EC2-like services that can work either behind the firewall as a private cloud solutions or as a public cloud service.

Nimbula is targeted toward cloud providers and enterprise customers and is designed for scalability and can work with a small cluster to up to thousands of computers. Nimbula runs on multiple nodes and is designed for high availability where there is no single point of failure. Reza and Kuyper demonstrated their Nimbula Director 1.5 cloud management system which has the ability to work with geographically distributed cloud resources as well as providing an identity model that can span multiple locations. Nimbula Director 1.5 can be managed from the command line or a web-based GUI. It also provides the ability to manage multiple tenants as well as perform usage metering and chargebacks. Y

ou can learn more about Nimbula Director 1.5 and download a trial copy from: http://nimbula.com/

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