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Ignite 2017: Azure Machine Learning Updates Increase AI Access for Developers and Data Scientists

We are here at Microsoft Ignite this week in Orlando, Florida along with almost 25,000 attendees to hear the latest from Microsoft on the productivity, cloud, machine learning, and AI fronts.

Here is a snapshot of some of the big news announcements which began the week during the main keynote led by Microsoft's CEO Satya Nadella.

What Was Announced

Azure Machine Learning (Preview) - AI Developers and Data Scientists will now have access to a new set of tools under AI on Azure, the Machine Learning Workbench, which includes comprehensive model management and agile experimentation using familiar and open tools.

Why It's Important - Data is the new gold these days in technology and the ability to analyze that data on a hyper-scale is critical to collating it into one cohesive result. With the new Azure Machine Learning tools, AI developers and data scientists will be able to use machine learning to develop, deploy, and manage machine learning and AI models that can use any type of data, on any scale and it can be done either in Azure itself or on-premises.


Stay tuned all week as we bring you on site coverage of Microsoft Ignite.

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