HP Releases a Lighter, Cheaper Cloud for the Rest of Us

HP Releases a Lighter, Cheaper Cloud for the Rest of Us

HP has been so focused on delivering massive, scalable, high performing Cloud hardware that it seemed to overlook those cost-conscious businesses that would still like to participate on Cloud computing, but can't afford HP's pricey offerings.

This week HP is attempting to bring its Cloud offerings to those budget-minded organizations through an announced released of a new infrastructure offering called HP Helion Managed Virtual Private Cloud Lean. The name suggests that HP has as much trouble developing good, short, descriptive names for products as Microsoft does, but at least the new offering is short and sweet.

HP Helion Managed Virtual Private Cloud Lean provides lighter workloads than HP's initial offerings, providing a small virtual server configuration with two virtual processors, 2GB of memory, and 30GB of storage. The price for the minimal configuration is $168 per month and additional processors can be added on, obviously increasing the monthly charge. The entry-level service, though, doesn’t include some of the important pieces like backup and security management, but those can also be tacked on for additional fees.

Initially, the service will be billed monthly, but HP is working on developing daily billing plans.

You can read more about the service on HP's Helion site:  HP Helion Managed Virtual Private Cloud

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