HP Partners with VMware to Curb Microsoft's Mobile Strength

HP Partners with VMware to Curb Microsoft's Mobile Strength

If you've not read it yet, check out Paul's article on Microsoft's EMS solutions. Paul does a fantastic job digging into the aspects of Microsoft's mobility push and how the company is well-positioned (without acquisitions or partnerships, I might add) to lead the mobile management industry from a Cloud perspective. Make sure to remember that: "from a Cloud perspective." In the most recent episode of the EndPoint Zone, a new Microsoft video interview series, Brad Anderson laid out his belief that mobile management can only be successful from a Cloud angle.

With those two thing in mind (innovation without acquisition or partnership and with a clear Cloud angle), today's partnership announcement between HP and VMware is interesting.

Today, at VMworld in Barcelona, HP and VMware have announced a partnership that will meld VMware AirWatch with HP's Managed Mobility Services into a single package that is sold and serviced by HP. VMware says that AirWatch is used by more than 13,000 organizations in 150 countries. I can tell you that AirWatch was an extremely popular mobile solution in the past, but has since been eclipsed (at least in mindshare) by solutions from MobileIron and others.

The HP Managed Mobility Services package announced today will include:

  • Management Essentials to quickly deploy full-featured enterprise mobile device and application management without infrastructure or capital investment
  • Trusted App Access to enable secure access and single sign-on to applications, offer flexibility for users to run apps from any source and enable BYO devices to run enterprise corporate applications and store data securely on the device

It will be interesting to see how this partnership pans out, particularly since many vendors are now seemingly following Microsoft's mobility lead.

The full press release is here: VMware Partners with HP on Enterprise Mobility to Enable the Next Generation Workplace

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