HP, Certance Outline DAT Roadmap

   HP and Certance have extended their relationship to work together on the DAT data protection technology open standard. The DAT format targets small to midsized businesses and is used by more than 6 million customers worldwide, according to HP and Certance. As part of their extended relationship, the companies unveiled a product roadmap that runs to 2010. The DAT format faces a crowded playing field as it competes with other tape-based backup formats, such as AIT, DLT, and Linear Tape-Open (LTO), as well as the influx of low-cost disk-based backup systems; the new roadmap aims to keep the format competitive.
   HP and Sony introduced the DAT format in 1989. Last year, HP and Certance announced the fifth generation of the format, which is endorsed by all leading system and server manufacturers. Referred to as DAT 72, the updated format has a compressed capacity per cartridge of 72GB and a transfer rate of up to 7MBps. The product roadmap includes three future product generations and calls for increasing compressed capacity to as much as 600GB per cartridge and transfer rates to 32MBps. Future DAT products will be backward compatible with Digital Data Storage (DDS), the format that preceded DAT 72, and with earlier DAT products to help protect customers' investments in the format. For more information about the roadmap and compatible products and details about the open standard, go to the DAT Manufacturers Group Web site

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