How can I read a Macintosh disk from Windows NT?

A. Mac Opener 2 by DataViz ( allows Macintosh disks to be accessed by NT.

Another option is to ask the Mac user to format a floppy disk as a PC disk. Every MacOS 7.1.2 or above is shipped with "PC Exchange" Control Panel which gives you ability to read, write and format PC disks.

  1. For System 7.1 and earlier, you can also use Apple File Exchange. This is handy because you also see the hidden files
  2. The Mac must have a SuperDrive, i.e. be able to read and write 1.4 MB floppies. Early Macs (Mac Plus, many SE's, Mac II, and a few early SE-30's) lacked this feature
  3. Apple File Exchange works all the way up through MacOS 7.6.1), but conflicts with the PC Exchange Control Panel: Reboot with the Extensions OFF (Shift key down) to use PC Exchange
  4. Under MacOS 8 and up, the PC Exchange Control Panel has been renamed ";"
  5. Watch out for FAT12 and FAT16 floppies!
  6. The very best source for Mac-Windows info is at the Windows-MacOS Cooperation List

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