Gluster links with Savage IO on NAS storage

Open-source, scale-out storage solution developer Gluster has formed a partnership with network-attached storage server company Savage IO through which Savage IO will integrate GlusterFS into its cloud storage systems.

GlusterFS was released in beta earlier this year as a way to let IT users access the same data as an object and as a file in an effort to simplify management and lessen storage costs.

The company’s aim is to accelerate cloud adoption for enterprises by making it easier for them to migrate legacy apps to the cloud by making storage more addressable.

Gluster—which also recently formed a partnership with cloud infrastructure provider GoGrid—produces a scalable NAS solution designed to let enterprises create storage platforms out of commodity hardware that was previously used for other purposes.

Savage IO customers already are using GlusterFS in multiple industries, including healthcare, financial services and private cloud deployments, proving out Gluster’s aim to reduce cloud-based storage costs, according to the company.

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