Gain Entry into the Microsoft Surface World for $100 Less

Gain Entry into the Microsoft Surface World for $100 Less

When Microsoft rolls out newer versions of its Surface tablet line, they are accompanied by a stiff retail price. The most current units (the 3 series) start at $799 for the low-end, 64GB/Intel i3 device and climbs steadily to almost $2000 for the high-end 512GB/Intel i7 model. This is without a supplied keyboard, which will cost you another $130.

A total of 5 models, you can pick-and-choose to find the one that meets your needs in both price and functionality. Obviously, we want the highest powered unit available, but it's tough to shell out $2000 when similar function laptops and hybrids can be obtained for over $1000 less.

But, with new models comes discounts on old models, allowing you to enter the Windows 8 ecosystem without breaking the bank. Right now, Microsoft is offering a $100 discount on all Surface series 2 models ($200 off the Pro 256GB), including the RT-infused version, and the Pro version which includes a full copy of Windows 8.1.

Current pricing for RT models:

32GB = $349

64GB = $449

64GB with 4G LTE = $579

Current pricing for Pro models:

64GB = $799

128GB = $899

256GB = $1099

Jump to the following links to get a look:

Surface 2

Surface Pro 2

Additionally, for a limited time, you can get a free docking station if you purchase the top of the line Surface Pro 2 model (512GB).

There's no indication if this price reduction will be permanent.

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