Fixing the Surface Pro 3 Pen is as Easy as Installing an Update

Fixing the Surface Pro 3 Pen is as Easy as Installing an Update

It's good to finally see Microsoft's Surface line seeing moderate success after the release of the Surface Pro 3. One of the highly promoted features for the Surface Pro 3 is the completely revamped Surface Pen. The new tablet writing device provides much more than just providing a pseudo-mouse like the original implement.

In addition to a better, more real-world writing experience, the top button now works with clickable actions. When the top button is clicked, OneNote will open, giving immediate access for note taking. But, yeah, there's a catch. Even though Microsoft praised the new pen's feature, it doesn't exactly work as stated out of the box. To make it work, an update is required.

For those purchasing a new Surface Pro 3, the first time the device is booted after personalization, there's a gaggle of updates to install, which includes the updated driver for the new Surface Pen. But, for those deploying Surface Pro 3's throughout the business by deploying corporate standard images, it helps to know the exact update that is required so it can be included in the base computer image.

The update is KB2968599 and you can read about it here: Quick Note-Taking Experience feature for Windows 8.1

But, if you just want the actual file for inclusion in your images, use the following direct download links:

X64 Surface Pro 3 Pen Update

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