First-Hand Account of Being Fired by Microsoft

First-Hand Account of Being Fired by Microsoft

Microsoft's massive layoff effort seems to have surmounted all other news from the company this year so far. Investors and analysts seem to love it, suggesting that the company's new CEO is finally turning months of esoteric pontificating into actions that could save the company and eventually the industry.

But, as I wrote recently, there's a very real and very human side to Microsoft's recent employee dump. In The Human Side of the Massive Microsoft Layoff I laid out the reported choices and options laid-off employees received along with some details on how specific employees were chosen for "the list." Since then, it's been confirmed moreover that the decision process was illogical and unclear. Some chosen were acceptable, but the majority selected to leave were considered trustworthy and highly productive. It made no sense, and the decisions taken have shaken even loyal employees.

One of the first, more public accounts of the layoff that has affected so many at Microsoft, even on the Redmond campus, has been posted in a YouTube video that is definitely worth watching. Known as Barnacules Nerdgasm, this YouTuber was laid off after 15 years of service.

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