Finding SAN and Cluster Training Information

I'm looking for information about how to set up a Storage Area Network (SAN) or cluster. I'm more interested in hands-on training than theory. Do you know of any good courses, books, or Web sites that deal with these subjects?

As far as SANs are concerned, recommending only one type of resource is difficult because so many options for setting up a SAN exist. To find information that fits your situation, I suggest you research the following Web sites:

  • Bitpipe's Storage Area Networks resource list (
  • Fibre Channel Industry Association (FCIA—
  • Storage Administrator (
  • Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA—
  • TidalWire's Storage Learning Center (

To find out more about clusters, read "A VMware Clustering Recipe," February 2003,, InstantDoc ID 37599; "Clustering Software," September 2002, InstantDoc ID 25951; and "Geographically Distributed Clustering," June 2002, InstantDoc ID 24890. You can also run a query on the term "Microsoft clusters" at; you're bound to find a ton of literature about the subject. And VERITAS Software's Education service offers product-specific clustering courses.

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