EMC Introduces New Storage Software Aimed at Regulatory Requirements

EMC has unveiled new storage software that addresses government regulations that require a growing number of companies to archive electronic documents. The new software, Centera Compliance Edition, helps manage and store fixed content--that is, unchanging data such as document images, email messages, and X-rays and other medical records. Many industries, including public companies, are required to keep copies of the data they generate. Public companies were recently ordered by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to keep all email messages for several years.


Centera Compliance Edition includes retention enforcement, which lets companies set retention periods on electronic records; enhanced file deletion, which ensures that someone can't recover deleted data by using disk scanning tools; and application access security, which permits companies to establish access security and authorized activities at the application and server level. Centera hardware starts at $64,000, and Centera software starts at $84,000.


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