Effektif is the IFTTT for the Enterprise

Effektif is the IFTTT for the Enterprise

IFTTT (stands for: If This, Then That) continues to be a very popular service for the consumer space, allowing automation of various consumer-based Internet properties and services. It's like a batch command language for the Internet. I know many people that use IFTTT with great success, automating social media posts and replies, sending email alerts, auto-posting to Wordpress blogs, and many other things. It's hugely useful and completely customizable.

Up until now, automated the Enterprise has been relegated to a few options and solutions, most notably offerings from Microsoft like PowerShell and System Center Orchestrator. While those are powerful and highly adept solutions, they still represent a world that's too complex. Granted, IT engineers are smart and knowledgeable and can definitely handle the tougher, required aspects of managing technology, but if you've read my article on The Machine is Still Too Complex you'll understand that I believe we're still innovating in all the wrong directions.

So, now, things get interesting. Effektif is both a company name and a technology. The technology, labeled as bpmPaaS, or business process platform as a service, seeks to bring IFTTT to the Enterprise. Effektif, the company, is announcing the availability of their cloud-based workflow engine for the Enterprise today. Just like IFTTT provides recipes for automation, Effektif offers pre-configured connectors to allow quick creation of workflow templates.

The solution is available for sign-up from the company's web site: Effektif

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