Dell and EMC Extend Storage Alliance

Dell and EMC have announced that they have agreed to extend their storage alliance another 2 years. The companies signed a 5-year agreement in October 2001, which allowed Dell to resell EMC gear. The new extended agreement will end in December 2008. The companies cite the success of the agreement as the reason behind the extension. More than 4100 customers have purchased storage systems while the agreement has been in force. Within the alliance, Dell has been able to expand its product offerings, whereas EMC, which traditionally catered to large corporations, has been able to gain access to Dell's small and midsized business base.

    Since Dell and EMC started working together, Dell has begun manufacturing Dell/EMC CX200 storage systems, which are designed by EMC. Other milestones in the companies' relationship include the joint training of over 2000 Dell professionals in storage technologies; a new series of Dell/EMC networked storage systems for entry-level to enterprise-level customers; a Storage Area Network (SAN) system that uses low-cost ATA and high-performance Fibre Channel technologies; improved storage software for management and disaster recovery; and the acceleration of SAN and Network Attached Storage (NAS) convergence.


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