Connect Your Windows Managed Printers to the Google Cloud

Connect Your Windows Managed Printers to the Google Cloud

Google's updated Cloud Print offers printer sharing and a Windows service to allow printing from anywhere. 

I wrote earlier about how Novell has detached iPrint from OSE for Enterprises, to ease the burden of printers and print server management within the company walls, but today, Google has released their own printer environment improvements.

I've used the Google Cloud Print solution in the past.  Being a long-time Android and Chrome browser user, the service worked great and provided a way to access my office printer while traveling. But, then, when I made a conscious move to be Google-Free, that option was no longer available. To be honest, Google still offers a couple services that aren't yet matched by a Microsoft solution, namely Google Voice and Google Cloud Print.

Novell's solution is targeted toward the Enterprise and works within the company's walls. Google's solution, on the other hand, works by enrolling printers into the Google Cloud so that they are available both locally and remotely.  The latest Google Cloud Print release, announced today, beefs-up the service in a couple ways.

First, Google Cloud Print allows sharing of printer devices. For example, I can share a printer attached to my PC, or to my network, with the person right next to me or out of the office, simply by publishing a link.

Secondly, Google is providing a Windows service that IT can install to expose network-connected printers to the Google Cloud.

The updated Android Cloud Print app is here:  Cloud Print

Learn more about Google Cloud Print:  Google Cloud Print

Grab the Windows service (requires the Chrome browser and Windows 7, Vista, or XP):  Google Cloud Print Service


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