CloudJumper, a spinoff from cloud services firm nGenx, launches with focus on Workspace as a Service Market

CloudJumper, a spinoff from cloud services firm nGenx, launches with focus on Workspace as a Service Market

CloudJumper officially launched today, spinning off from parent company nGenx to focus specifically on its Workspace-as-a-service product, being sold through the channel.

JD Helms, who was president of nGenx and is now serving in that position at CloudJumper, said that for many of their end users, taking away as much of the decisions about technology implementation as possible was a major draw, along with the predictability in pricing that a fully managed offering could provide.

Unless you're in the IT business, like we are, you don't go to work every day excited about your technology, he said. You go to work to focus on on manufacturing, or helping patients, or whatever your core business is.

The attitude reflects a shift in IT culture as well as in the power of near-ubiquitous connectivity: With services like CloudJumper able to speedily and reliably connect end users with an entire workstation experience, a number of provisioning, security, and other challenges can be removed. For many business, what were once IT's central services have become a cost center that businesses are eager to find out how to tame.

If you're a business owner, and you have your stuff on premise or if you go to a Infrastructure as a Service solution, you have to worry about disaster recovery, backups, anti-virus, said helms. You have to worry about all of that stuff that comes with technology platforms just to run your business. If you go to a Workstation as a Service, you get all of that for half the price.

And while mileage may vary for that half the price figure, CloudJumper is betting that businesses are facing enough uncertainty that predictable cloud pricing will be welcome, particularly for those companies with seasonal variance, like tax preparers that might have a short-term surge in need for easily provisional software, without the investment in staff or lifetime licenses more traditional approaches would take.

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