Cloud Security Alliance Announces New Software Defined Perimeter Initiative

Cloud Security Alliance Announces New Software Defined Perimeter Initiative

The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) recently announced a new initiative to help bolster security for Cloud solutions. The Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) initiative proposes to create a new security framework to address network-based vulnerabilities in application infrastructures. Utilizing security standards from NIST, OASIS, and the US Department of Defense, SDP will seek to ensure Cloud operations are as secure as possible.

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SDP seems to be focused entirely on the Public Cloud, and as we learned through a new report from Technology Business Research Inc. (TBR), companies are just not interested in Public Cloud offerings. However, one of the major reasons is the perception of security. As the CSA pushes their initiative forward, it will be interesting to see if the Cloud's security perception can change. I doubt it, but it will still be fascinating to monitor.

Bob Flores, former CTO of the CIA and Chief Executive Officer of Applicology Incorporated and keynote speaker for the CSA Congress 2013 in December, stated that…

“It is critical to the future of cloud technology that it is demonstrably more secure than legacy IT systems.”

That's a true statement. If, somehow, the Public Cloud could be shown to be more secure than the local datacenter, that would provide the key factor for organizations to readdress and reassess their trust in moving apps, services, and data to a publicly hosted model. Obviously, I'm skeptical. However, the SDP output will be valuable in helping improve security for Private Clouds – which is the primary focus of business IT. A Private Cloud is simply a Public Cloud that runs in the local datacenter, taking the best processes and practices and applying them to the local technology stack.

CSA had unveiled the working page for the new SDP group. While there are no deliverables available yet, a portion are expected to release during CSA Congress 2013, so expect the web page to offer the first pieces of information the first week of December.

The SDP link: Software Defined Perimeter Working Group (SDP)

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