Citrix offers more cloud control

Citrix has introduced NetScaler Cloud Gateway, a new platform designed to simplify delivery and management of apps and IT services.

The tool is meant to address issues of “application silos” and identity management, the company said, giving enterprises a unified method of accessing and managing apps delivered from both private and public clouds.

“It facilitates a single point of enterprise administration—including service level agreements, performance and licensing—for user identity and access to software as a service, web and legacy apps and desktops,” said Simon Crosby, chief technology officer for the datacenter and and cloud division of Citrix. “It basically enables IT to be a service provider and support any app safely and securely.”

Cloud Gateway supports all browsers and all versions of Citrix Receiver, a universal software client that provides access to apps from any device. It can be deployed as a software virtual appliance, a hardware appliance or as a cloud-based service from a service provider.

The platform works with both existing and legacy apps,” Crosby said. “In fact, there are hundreds of plug-ins for enterprise apps,” he said.

to the datacenter, giving IT a single point of control to connect and deliver any private or public cloud app to any device.


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