CA and Unisys link on cloud

CA and Unisys link on cloud

CA Technologies and Unisys are teaming to help enterprise organizations address what the two companies characterize as “virtual stall” as they undertake virtualization projects and cloud migrations.

The joint effort is meant to tap the complementary strengths of the two companies when it comes to cloud deployments: CA Technologies catalog includes services such as virtualization management, service automation, service management process automation, self-service provisioning, configuration management and charge back/accounting capabilities. Unisys, meanwhile, offers virtualization and cloud advisory consulting, along with planning, design and implementation services.

For IT professionals in the midst of making a transition to cloud-based infrastructure and services—or even those still in the decision-making phase—that’s a lot of combined expertise to help address the stress. The two companies are specifically targeting IT environments that have begun to move to the cloud but have been hung up by the complexities they encounter 30 or 40 percent of the way through, thereby slowing the return on investment that the companies believe IT organizations can achieve in a more seamless migration.

Clearly the two companies are positioning themselves as a combined powerhouse for cloud migration—and they do indeed have the combined pedigree to support their claims. From a competitive standpoint, the alliance should help position both companies better in terms of their ability to provide more complete migration support for enterprises of all sizes.



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